Vol 9, No 8 (2014)

Table of Contents


An Improved Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on GPU Parallel Computing PDF
Haiyang Li, Zhaofeng Yang, Hongzhou He 1985-1990
Privacy-Preserving Location Assurance Protocols for Mobile Applications PDF
Genqiang Wu, Yeping He, Yi Lu, Liping Ding 1991-2001
Conversion of Sign Language to Spoken Sentences by Means of a Sensory Glove PDF
Pietro Cavallo, Giovanni Saggio 2002-2009
Analysis of a Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem and Its Application in Software Copy Protection PDF
Ning Huang 2010-2017
Design of SOAML in Social Network PDF
Mei Yu, Xu Han, Tianyi Xu, Jian Yu, Ting Lei, Qing Zhang 2018-2025
Ontology-based Top-N Recommendations on New Items with Matrix Factorization PDF
Haomin Cui, Ming Zhu, Shijia Yao 2026-2032
Algebraic Analysis of Object-Based Key Assignment Schemes PDF
Khair Eddin Sabri 2033-2042
A Secure Transmission Protocol for Wireless Body Sensor Networks PDF
Guangxia Xu, Shuangyan Liu, Yanbing Liu 2043-2049
The Development of Marine Oil Spill Operational System Based on GIS PDF
Ruifu Wang, Maojing Xu, Yi Ding, Nannan Liu, Xiangchao Kong 2050-2055
Test Case Prioritization in a Specification-based Testing Environment PDF
Gary Yu-Hsin Chen, Pei-Qi Wang 2056-2064
Detecting Spam Review through Sentiment Analysis PDF
Qingxi Peng, Ming Zhong 2065-2072
The Design and Implementation of Unified Invoking Component Based on Web Services Framework PDF
Wenpeng Su, Zhonghua Yan, Chenghui Liang 2073-2079
Efficient Method for Mining Patterns from Highly Similar and Dense Database based on Prefix-Frequent-Items PDF
Meng Han, Zhihai Wang, Jidong Yuan 2080-2086
A Minimal Test Cases Calculation Method for Software Trustworthiness Test PDF
Hongxing Kan, Jili Hu, Li Jin, Luyao Zhang 2087-2092
Modified Parallel Cat Swarm Optimization in SVM Modeling for Short-term Cooling Load Forecasting PDF
Yuanmei Wen, Yanyu Chen 2093-2104
Variational Image Decomposition Model OSV With General Diffusion Regularization PDF
Guodong Wang, Jie Xu, Zhenkuan Pan, Jinbao Yang 2105-2111
Effective Fault Localization Using Weighted Test Cases PDF
Yihan Li, Chao Liu 2112-2119
A Robust k-Means Type Algorithm for Soft Subspace Clustering and Its Application to Text Clustering PDF
Tiantian Yang, Jun Wang 2120-2124
A Completeness Optimized Algorithm for Closed Model Clone Detection PDF
Zhengping Liang, Yiqun Cheng, Jiajia Tan, Jianyong Chen 2125-2132
Three-Dimensional Hand Tracking Based on Microstructure of Hand Motion PDF
Fanwen Min, Zhiquan Feng, Yuanyuan Su, Tingfang Zhang 2133-2141
Model Design of Semantic Website Construction PDF
Yu Guo, Jie Liu 2142-2147
A Method Based on Depth-first Search to Compute All Minimal Siphons PDF
Fan Ning, Xingxing Li, Shouguang Wang, Qiaoli Zhuang 2148-2153
Algorithm for Fast Finding High-Frequency Strings from Large-Scale Corpus PDF
Haijun Zhang 2154-2159
De Bruijn Graph based De novo Genome Assembly PDF
Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Md Sarwar Kamal 2160-2168
An Early Software Effort Estimation Method Based on Use Cases and Conceptual Classes PDF
Tülin Erçelebi Ayyıldız, Altan Koçyiğit 2169-2173
Considering Partially Developed Artifacts in Change Impact Analysis Implementation PDF
Nazri Kama, Sufyan Basri 2174-2179
Trace-Based Weighting Approach for Multiple Criteria Decision Making PDF
Hoang Nam Ho, Mourad Rabah, Samuel Nowakowski, Pascal Estraillier 2180-2187
Using Color Difference with Shape Context for Logo Recognition PDF
Yi-Peng Lin, Kuo-Wei Hsu 2188-2193
A Situation Analysis Decision Support System Based on Dynamic Object Oriented Bayesian Networks PDF
Mohsen Naderpour, Jie Lu 2194-2199
UsualSpace: A Smart Framework to Support Evolutive-Agents PDF
Mohamed Dbouk, Ihab Sbeity, Hamid Mcheick, Haytham Douaihy 2200-2205
Improving ESB Capabilities through Diagnosis Based on Bayesian Networks and Machine Learning PDF
Roberto Koh-Dzul, Mariano Vargas-Santiago, Codé Diop, Ernesto Exposito, Francisco Moo-Mena, Jorge Gómez-Montalvo 2206-2211
A Cloud Based Communication System for Elders Using Dialogue Control PDF
Kazuhiro Morita, Masao Fuketa, Jun-ichi Aoe 2212-2216
A Topology Adjustment Algorithm for P2P Systems PDF
Zhen Yu, Jie Zhu, Guicheng Shen, Haiyan Liu 2217-2222
Applying Bi-directional Link Mining in Personalized Recommendation PDF
Hong Wang, Yanshen Sun 2223-2231
Single-Carrier Space Time Transmission Diversity with Decision Feedback Equalization PDF
Qifeng Zou, Xuezhi Tan, Mei Liu, Yonggang Chi 2232-2240

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