Vol 9, No 12 (2014)

Table of Contents


Evaluating a Lightweight Forum-based Tool: Empirical Studies on Requirements Elicitation Process PDF
Han Lai, Yuze Ni 2989-2997
A Data Analysis Method and Its Applications in EXCEL PDF
Jinlei Qin, Yuguang Niu, Zheng Li 2998-3004
Measuring Developers’ Design Contributions in Evolved Software Projects PDF
Maen Hammad, Mustafa Hammad, Hani Bani-Salameh, Ebaa Fayyoumi 3005-3011
An Improved Face Recognition Technique Based on Modular Multi-directional Two-dimensional Principle Component Analysis Approach PDF
Xiaoqing Dong, Hongcai Chen 3012-3019
Designing and Implementation of an Online System for Electronic Contract Negotiation Based on Electronic Signature PDF
Juntao Gu, Xiaodong Zhu 3020-3027
Lexical-semantic SLVM for XML Document Classification PDF
Jun Long, Luda Wang, Zude Li, Zuping Zhang, Huiling Li, Guihu Zhao 3028-3034
Novel Metrics for Bug Triage PDF
Akila Venkatesan, Zayaraz Gothandapani 3035-3040
Implementing Six Sigma to Reduce Online Petitions on the E-petition System in Taiwan Power Company PDF
Pei–Shih Chen, Chang–Hsien Hsu, Shih–Yun Hsu, Chun–Ming Yang 3041-3047
Energy Constrained Target K-coverage Algorithm in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Yong-sheng Wang 3048-3056
Research on Deep Web Query Interface Clustering Based on Hadoop PDF
Baohua Qiang, Rui Zhang, Yufeng Wang, Qian He, Wei Li, Sai Wang 3057-3062

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