Vol 9, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


Palmprint Recognition Using 2D-FLDA From a Single Image Per Person PDF
Jinyu Guo, Haibin Chen, Yuan Li 531-535
Bisimulation-based Consistency Checking on Syndrome Feng-Shi-Re-Bi in Rheumatoid Arthritis PDF
Guang Zheng, Kai Cui, Junping Zhan, Zekun Ning, Miao Jiang, Cheng Lu, Aiping Lu 536-540
Comparative Analysis of Software Network and CK Metrics: Implications for Pre- and Post-release Faults PDF
Fangjun Wu 541-552
QoS-aware SaaS Services Selection with Interval Numbers for Group User PDF
Zhanlin Yu, Longchang Zhang 553-559
DYBS: A Lightweight Dynamic Slicing Framework for Diagnosing Attacks on x86 Binary Programs PDF
Erzhou Zhu, Feng Liu, Xianyong Fang, Xuejun Li, Yindong Yang, Alei Liang 560-568
Design and Implementation of AIRF: A Anycast-Based Integrated Routing Framework for WSNs PDF
Guofeng Yan, Yuxing Peng, Shuhong Chen, Junyi Liu 569-575
Animation Simulation of Visualization Management System in the Iron and Steel Enterprises: The Design and Its Implementation PDF
Puyu Hao, Yufen Feng, Weijun Ge, Guangfeng Zhao 576-581
A Fast Method for Extracting all Minimal Siphons from Maximal Unmarked Siphons of a Petri Net PDF
Qiaoli Zhuang, Wenzhan Dai 582-588
Test Case Generation of Web Service Composition based on CP-nets PDF
Yuying Wang, Ning Yang 589-595
A Fast Kd-tree Construction for Ray Tracing based on Efficient Ray Distribution PDF
Xiao Liang, Hongyu Yang, Yinling Qian, Yanci Zhang 596-604
Blog Interface Producing Mechanism in Learning Management System PDF
Hsu-Chen Cheng, Wen-Wei Liao 605-612
Study on the Group Cooperative Innovation Based on WEB2.0 PDF
Jiangang Pang, Lina Jie, Fan Xu 613-620
SMS-based Remote Computer Supervisory Control System Design PDF
Xin-kan Mu, Yong-hong Chen 621-626
Layout of Gas Station Based on Multi-Agent Simulation PDF
Qing Zhou, Chaorui Bu, Yuwen Feng 627-633
Statistics Based Q-learning Algorithm for Multi-Agent System and Application in RoboCup PDF
Ya Xie, Zhonghua Huang 634-640
A DOM-based Anchor-Hop-T Method for Web Application Information Extraction PDF
Yuanyuan Zhang, Qinyan Zhang, Guanfu Jiang 641-647
Effective Scanned-Certification Image Retrieval Based on Local Object and Block Matching PDF
Hao Zhang, Ling Huang, Xianru Liu 648-654
DWT and SVD based Watermarking Scheme with Circulation PDF
Hongqin Shi 655-662
Fuzzy Expert System for the Competitiveness Evaluation of Shipbuilding Companies PDF
Jianing Zheng, Hao Hu, Yizhou Li, Daozheng Huang 663-667
Incorporating Content and Time Features for Chinese Story Subtopic Identification PDF
Zhaoman Zhong, Cunhua Li, Hongwei Dai 668-675
Research of the FP-Growth Algorithm Based on Cloud Environments PDF
Lijuan Zhou, Xiang Wang 676-683
Personalized Recommendation of Preferred Paths Based On Web Log PDF
Zhurong Zhou, Dengwu Yang 684-688
Research and Application of Data Integration in Aircraft Designing Based on SDO PDF
Yating Yuan, Yi Zhuang, Ying Huo 689-696
An Empirical Study for Software Fault-Proneness Prediction with Ensemble Learning Models on Imbalanced Data Sets PDF
Renqing Li, Shihai Wang 697-704
Optimal Virtual Machine Resources Scheduling Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization in Cloud Computing PDF
Hao Yuan, Changbing Li, Maokang Du 705-708
An Efficient Discrete Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm for Web Services Selection PDF
Kai Su, Liangli Ma, Xiaoming Guo, Yufei Sun 709-715
A K-nearest Based Clustering Algorithm by P Systems with Active Membranes PDF
Jie Xue, Xiyu Liu 716-725
A Selection Algorithm of Training Set Based on Similar Classification PDF
Xiaowen Liang, Wei Gong, Wenlong Fu, Jing Qi 726-731
CUDAP: A Novel Clustering Algorithm for Uncertain Data Based on Approximate Backbone PDF
Ping Jin, Shichao Qu, Yu Zong, Xin Li 732-737
A Query Driven Method of Mapping from Global Ontology to Local Ontology in Ontology-based Data Integration PDF
Haifei Zhang 738-742
A Heuristic Optimization Algorithm in System Structure Optimization PDF
Derong Zhu 743-747
Sparse Affinity Propagation for Image Analysis PDF
Xue Zhang, Jian Cheng Lv 748-756
An Approach for Crowd Density and Crowd Size Estimation PDF
Ming Jiang, Jingcheng Huang, Xingqi Wang, Jingfan Tang, Chunming Wu 757-762
The Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making model for Web Software Trustworthiness PDF
Yujie Zhao, Xinxing Luo 763-776
Voronoi Diagram Generation Algorithm based on Delaunay Triangulation PDF
Liping Sun, Yonglong Luo, Yalei Yu, Xintao Ding 777-784
The Clonal Expansion and Memory Strategy Applied to Network Detection PDF
Yuling Tian 785-791

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