Vol 9, No 10 (2014)

Table of Contents


3D CAD Model Representation and Retrieval based on Hierarchical Graph PDF
Bo Ding 2499-2506
Computational Features of the Thinking and the Thinking Attributes of Computing:On Computational Thinking PDF
Wenchong Shi, Maohua Liu, Peter Hendler 2507-2513
Optimizing Test Case Execution Schedule using Classifiers PDF
Xiang Chen, Zhaofei Tan, Jian Xia, Pengfei He 2514-2521
Detecting double-compressed MP3 with the Same Bit-rate PDF
PengFei Ma, Rangding Wang, Diqun Yan, Chao Jin 2522-2527
Improved marching cubes using novel adjacent lookup table and random sampling for medical object-specific 3D visualization PDF
Xuchu Wang, Yanmin Niu, Li-Wen Tan, Shao-Xiang Zhang 2528-2537
Trusted Puzzle Solvers without Clock Support against Spam and Denial-of-Service Attacks PDF
Rui Deng, Zuoning Chen 2538-2545
Reliability and Portability Assessment Tool Based on Hazard Rates for an Embedded Open Source Software PDF
Yoshinobu Tamura, Shigeru Yamada 2546-2556
General Construction of Chameleon All-But-One Trapdoor Functions and Their Applications PDF
Jinyong Chang, Rui Xue 2557-2563
A Two-Stage Method for Scientific Papers Analysis PDF
Damien Hanyurwimfura, Bo Liao, Emmanuel Masabo, Gaurav Bajpai 2564-2573
Mass Customization based-Method for Datacenters Computer Room Monitoring System PDF
Changgeng Yu, Guixiong Liu 2574-2578
Event-Driven Extraction of HTTP Payload From Concurrent Streams PDF
Mingzhe Li, Jinlin Wang, Xiao Chen, Jun Chen 2579-2585
Intelligent Algorithm for Assignment of Agents to Human Strategy in Centralized Multi-agent Coordination PDF
Reza Nourjou, Stephen F. Smith, Michinori Hatayama, Pedro Szekely 2586-2597
Distributed Storage and Processing Method for Big Data Sensing Information of Machine Operation Condition PDF
Fan Zhang, Zude Zhou, Wenjun Xu 2598-2606
Design and Implementation of Privacy-preserving Recommendation System Based on MASK PDF
Yonghong Xie, Aziguli Wulamu, Xiaojing Hu, Xiaojie Zhu 2607-2613
Hybrid Adaptive Software Development Capability: An Empirical Study PDF
Asif Qumer Gill 2614-2621
Memory Optimization for Global Protein Network Alignment Using Pushdown Automata and De Bruijn Graph PDF
Sarwar Kamal, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan 2622-2627
An Incremental Approach to Modeling Flexible Workflows Using Activity Decomposition and Gradual Refinement PDF
Yanrong Jiang, Weihua Li, Jingtao Yang 2628-2637
Simulation System for Airborne Weather Radar Control and Display Based on Virtual Instrument PDF
Lihua Ruan, Yong Li, Yingjie Yu 2638-2644
A proposal for a method to translate MAP model into BPMN process diagram PDF
Houda Kaffela, Naoufel Kraiem, Jamil Dimassi, Zuhoor Al-Khanjari 2645-2650
Incorporating Fault Tolerance Mechanism into Grid Meta-Scheduler PDF
Hong He 2651-2657
Grid Resource Discovery Algorithm of the Multi-Layer Overlay Network Model Based on Distance PDF
Zhongping Zhang, Long He, Shanshan Shi 2658-2664
Measuring Depth Perception for Stereoscopic Images Using a Phase-shift Model PDF
Qiuping Jiang, Shanshan Wang, Kemeng Li, Feng Shao 2665-2671
Method to Enhance Degraded Image in Dust Environment PDF
Ting Yan, Liejun Wang, Jiaxing Wang 2672-2677
An Improving Infrared Image Resolution Method via Guided Image Filtering PDF
Wei Gan 2678-2684
Research on Real-time Performance Testing Methods for Robot Operating System PDF
Ming Huang, Shujie Guo, Xu Liang, Xudong Song 2685-2692
Modeling and Verification for Track Circuit Encoding in Train Control Center Based on UML and TA PDF
Lei Yuan, Lijuan Wang, Dewang Chen, Amie Albrecht 2693-2698
Coalescence Type based Confidence Warping for Agglutinative Language Keyword Spotting PDF
Ji Xu, Yeming Xiao, Jielin Pan, Yonghong Yan 2699-2705
Speeding up deep neural network based speech recognition systems PDF
Yeming Xiao 2706-2712
Design and Implementation of Human Body Composition Information Management System Based on Android PDF
Bing Liu, Xiaofeng Li, He Zhao, Yang Yang, Li Zhang 2713-2720
Approximate String Similarity Join using Hashing Techniques under Edit Distance Constraints PDF
Peisen Yuan, Haoyun Wang, Jianghua Che, Shougang Ren, Huanliang Xu, Dechang Pi 2721-2731
Investigation and Study on the Present Situation of Enterprise Website Construction of Intellectual Property Agencies PDF
Xiaohong Wang, Jianping Wu 2732-2740
Patterns Support for Automatic Resource Management in Cloud Computing PDF
Guangjun Cai, Lei Zhang, Bin Zhao, Yong Liu 2741-2748
An Improved LDA Model for Academic Document Analysis PDF
Yuyan Jiang, Yuan Shao, Ping Li, Qing Wang 2749-2757
An Energy Efficient Routing Based on Swarm Intelligence for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Yong Lv 2758-2763
Analysis of Abnormality Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine by Integrating K-means and Decision Trees-a Case Study of Dongyang People’s Hospital in China PDF
Zhong Lv, Jinkan Du, Wen-Tsann Lin, Shen-Tsu Wang, Chia-Ching Chang, Meng-Hua Li, Zheng-Han Zhuang 2764-2770

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