Vol 9, No 11 (2014)

Table of Contents


An Approach for Identifying Detecting Objects of Null Dereference PDF
Yukun Dong 2771-2777
A Defense Model of Reactive Worms Based on Dynamic Time PDF
Haokun Tang, Shitong Zhu, Jun Huang, Hong Liu 2778-2788
An Improved Algorithm of Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Yan-xia Jin,Jing Xue,Zhi-bin Shi 2789-2795
Haptic Data Compression Based on a Linear Prediction Model and Quadratic Curve Reconstruction PDF
Fenghua Guo, Caiming Zhang, Yan He 2796-2803
Business Intelligence Fusion Based on Multi-agent and Complex Network PDF
Mingliang Chen, Sainan Liu 2804-2812
A Graph Based Approach to Trace Models Composition PDF
Youness Laghouaouta, Adil Anwar, Mahmoud Nassar, Bernard Coulette 2813-2822
Automatic Indexing for Research Papers Using References PDF
Wei Liu 2823-2829
P4P Network Communication Components Based on Half-Sync/Half-Async and Pipe/Filter Patterns PDF
Cheng Wang, Zhicong Liang 2830-2836
Algorithms for Minimal Dependency Set and Membership Based on XML Functional Dependency and Multi-Valued Dependency PDF
Zhongping Zhang, Chunzhen Fang 2837-2843
Subject Perception Semantic Model for Information Retrieval in Tourism PDF
Lingling Zi, Xin Cong, Yaping Zhang 2844-2850
Factor analysis method for text-independent speaker identification PDF
Tingting Liu, Shengxiao Guan 2851-2860
An Automatic Software Requirement Analysis Approach based on Intelligent Planning Technology PDF
Hong He, Dongbo Liu 2861-2867
Research on Automated Software Test Case Generation PDF
Daisen Wei, Longye Tang, Xueqing Li, Ling Shang 2868-2876
A Study of Dependency Features for Chinese Sentiment Classification PDF
Pu Zhang, Zhongshi He, Lina Tao 2877-2885
A Construction Model of Ancient Architecture Protection Domain Ontology based on Software Engineering and CLT PDF
Zhenbo Bi, Huiqin Wang, Ying Lu 2886-2894
Socio-Technical Dependencies in Forked OSS Projects: Evidence from the BSD Family PDF
M.M. Mahbubul Syeed, Imed hammouda 2895-2909
Optimal Selection System of Internal Fixation Methods for Femoral Neck Fracture PDF
Monan Wang 2910-2917
Using Game Theory to Analyze Strategic Choices of Service Providers and Service Requesters PDF
Yi Sun, Zhiqiu Huang, Changbo Ke 2918-2924
Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on Structuring Element Map Modification and Marker-controlled Watershed Transform PDF
Xiaopeng Wang, Shengyang Wan, Tao Lei 2925-2932
A Cloud Computing-Based Television Program Opinion Monitoring and Analysis System PDF
Dingguo Yu, Huxiong Li, Zhiwen Hu 2933-2937
A Spatial Skyline Query for a Group of Users PDF
Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, Geng Ma, Yasuhiko Morimoto 2938-2947
An Effective Method to Solve Flexible Job-shop Scheduling Based on Cloud Model PDF
Xiaobing Liu, Xuan Jiao, Tao Ning, Ming Huang 2948-2954
A Software Platform Design for Objective Video QoE Assessment PDF
Yitong Liu, Hao Liu, Yuchen Li, Yun Shen, Jianwei Wu, Dacheng Yang 2955-2965
Grid Resource Discovery Algorithm Based on Distance PDF
Zhongping Zhang, Long He, Chao Zhang 2966-2973
Single-channel Speech Separation Using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit PDF
Haiyan Guo, Xiaoxiong Li, Lin Zhou, Zhenyang Wu 2974-2980
A Partner Selection Method for Forming Innovation Alliance PDF
Yang Yang, Wendai Lv, Guangming Hou, Junpeng Wang 2981-2988

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