Journal of Networks, Vol 8, No 1 (2013), 59-70, Jan 2013

Development Tools for Context Aware and Secure Pervasive Computing in Embedded Systems (PECES) Middleware

Ran Zhao, Kirusnapillai Selvarajah, Neil Speirs


The main objective of the PECES project is the development of system software to enable the communication among heterogeneous devices across multiple smart spaces, breaking the traditional barrier of “smart islands” where only the services offered in a nearby spatial area can be used easily. PECES development tools help the application developer to build and test the PECES middleware based applications. This paper presents a set of tools, namely Peces Project, Peces Device Definition, Peces Ontology Instantiation, Peces Security Configuration, Peces Service Definition, Peces Role Specification Definition,  Peces Hierarchical Role Specification Definition, Peces Event Editor, Peces Event Diagram and Peces Testing which enable application developers to build, model and test the PECES middleware based smart space application using the novel concepts such as role assignment, context ontologies and security.


smart space, middleware, pervasive computing, wireless networking, context ontologies, modelling, testing, dynamic addressing, eclipse plugins, communication gateway, registry interface


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