Journal of Networks, Vol 7, No 1 (2012), 187-194, Jan 2012

A Robust Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks against Wormhole Attack

Yanchao Niu, Deyun Gao, Shuai Gao, Ping Chen


Wormhole attack is one of the most devastating threats for range-free localization in wireless sensor networks. To address this issue, we propose a robust localization scheme in wireless sensor networks against wormhole attack, called ConSetLoc, which neither complicated distance measuring devices nor extra complex encrypting algorithms is necessary. With the relationship between hop counts and geographic distance of sensor nodes in the deployment territory, we design a partition method of consistent anchors sets by the convex constraints in geometry which can reduce the effect of bad measurements on estimates,  and then present a filtering strategy for the candidate locations with these anchors sets. In addition, we conduct simulation experiments for performance evaluation and the results demonstrate the proposed ConSetLoc can estimate the locations for most of sensor nodes with good accuracy and stability when wormhole attack exists in the network.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Range-free Localization, Wormhole Attack, Hop-Distance Relationship, Convex Constraints, Consistent Set


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