Journal of Networks, Vol 5, No 2 (2010), 132-139, Feb 2010

Control and Management Issues in All-Optical Networks

Ridha Rejeb, Mark S. Leeson, Carmen Mas Machuca, Ioannis Tomkos


As more intelligence and control mechanisms are added into optical networks, the need for the deployment of a reliable and secure management system using efficient control techniques has become increasingly relevant. While some of available control and management methods are applicable to different types of network architectures, many of them are not adequate for all-optical networks. These emerging transparent optical networks have particularly unique features and requirements in terms of security and quality of service thus requiring a much more targeted approach in terms of network management. In particular, the peculiar behavior of all-optical components and architectures bring forth a new set of challenges for network security. In this article, we briefly overview security and management issues that arise in all-optical networks. We then discuss the key management functions that are responsible for ensuring the secure and continued functioning of the network. Consequently, we present a framework for the realization of an appropriate management system that can meet the challenges posed by all-optical networks.


all-optical networks, optical network security, fault and attack management


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