Journal of Multimedia, Vol 7, No 5 (2012), 364-371, Oct 2012

An Adaptive Motion Model and Multi-feature Cues Based on Particle Filter for Object Tracking

Ming Li, Liuqing Yuan, Wenxia Du


If there is an occlusion, the target state model would not match motion model anymore and measurement model also would get worse. To solve these problems, an improved particle filtering algorithm based on adaptive motion model and multiple-cue fusion is presented. Under the theory framework of particle filters, the weighted color histogram and LBP texture feature entropy are used to describe features. And the algorithm adjusts features distribution coefficient  automatically by calculating the Bhattacharyya distance between the object reference distribution and object sample distribution, thus the color and texture features can intelligently be fused to develop the observation model. The simple second order auto regressive model is chosen as the state transition model, and the system noise variance is adaptively determined by the minimum noise variance of every feature in object tracking. For the occlusion problem, the system maximum noise variance can be selected, along with particle random motion intensified and disseminating coverage amplified. The posterior distribution of the object is approximated by a set of weighted samples, while object tracking is implemented by the Bayesian propagation of the sample set. The analyses and experiments show that the performance of the proposed method is more effective and robust to target maneuver and occlusion and has good performances under complex background.


Target tracking; Particle Filter; Bhattacharyya coefficient; Occlusion; system model


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