Journal of Multimedia, Vol 2, No 4 (2007), 55-66, Aug 2007

Color Image Compression with Modified Fractal Coding on Spiral Architecture

Nileshsingh V. Thakur, O. G. Kakde


The proposed approach (CICMFCSA), firstly, compose the one-plane image using the pixel’s trichromatic coefficients. One-plane image in traditional square structure is represented in Spiral Architecture for compression. On this Spiral Architecture image, proposed modified Fractal grey level image coding algorithm (MFCSA) is applied to get encoded image. In this modified Fractal coding, the numbers of domain blocks are optimized from 343 to 10 using local search. Extensive experiments are carried out on UCID - An Uncompressed Color Image Database. The proposed approach minimizes the encoding process time because of optimized domain blocks and one dimensional structure of Spiral Architecture and falls in the lossy compression category. The results of SFC and our approach are compared with respect to the time.


Image Compression, Spiral Architecture, Fractal Coding


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Journal of Multimedia (JMM, ISSN 1796-2048)

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