Vol 3, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents


Characteristics of Japanese Language Learners and Their Perceptions of Error Feedback PDF
Noriko Fujioka-Ito 331-345
Integrating Computer Mediated with Face-to-face Communication and EFL Learners‟ Vocabulary Improvement PDF
Abbas Ali Rezaee, Solmaz Ahmadzadeh 346-352
Screen Interface Design for Mobile-assisted Language Learning in EFL Context: A Case Study in Japan PDF
Ruth Patricia Cortez, Debopriyo Roy 353-368
Investigating the Linguistics Features of Bayza Dialect PDF
Ghorbanali Ebrahimi 369-378
Defosilization of /æ/ Phoneme Pronunciation of Non-native EFL Teachers PDF
Ayhan Kahraman 379-385
Factorial Validation of a Writing Self-regulation Scale: With and without Acceptably Cross Loading Items PDF
Ebrahim Khodadady, Salim Yassami 386-394
The Past, Present, and Future of Reading Diagnosis and Remediation PDF
Evan Ortlieb 395-400
Issues Affecting Item Response Theory Fit in Language Assessment: A Study of Differential Item Functioning in the Iranian National University Entrance Exam PDF
Alireza Ahmadi, Nathan A. Thompson 401-412
Deletion of Segments in Jussive Verbs: Generative Phonology View PDF
Atef Mustafa Jalabneh 413-422
The Pedagogical Impact of Discourse Markers in the Lecture Genre: EFL Learners' Writings in Focus PDF
Afsaneh Rahimi Tehrani, Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi 423-429
The Role of Motivation and Controversial Conceptual Material in Foreign Language Classrooms PDF
Antonio R. Iaccarino 430-438
Implicit Versus Explicit Feedback in Classroom: An Experimental Study PDF
Zahra Rastegar Haghighi Shirazi, Firooz Sadighi 439-445
Exploring Students’ Anxiety in Computer-based Oral English Test PDF
Fengyang Shi 446-451
The Effect of Metadiscourse on EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension PDF
Seyed Mohammad Reza Heshemi, Hossein Khodabakhshzade, Majid Elahi Shirvan 452-457
Teaching Listening Comprehension Skills: A Test-orientated Approach PDF
Shao-Wen Su, Chung-Hsiang Liu 458-465
Investigating Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety within the EFL Learner's Interlanguage System: The Case of Iranian Learners PDF
Masoud Mahmoodzadeh 466-476
A Survey of Attitudes toward Mediation among Chinese High School EFL Teachers and Their Classroom Constraints PDF
Xiongyong Cheng 477-483
Political Zionism and Fiction: A Study of John Updike's Terrorist PDF
Maryam Salehnia 484-488
Teaching Writing through Reading Integration PDF
Luu Trong Tuan 489-499
The Exploring Nature of Methodology in the Current Studies of Language Learning Strategies (LLSs) with Focus on Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) of Rebecca L. Oxford PDF
Seyed Hossein Fazeli 500-507
A Study of the Relationship between English Self-concept and Language Learning Strategies PDF
Mingmei Du 508-517
The Effect of Portfolio and Self Assessment on Writing Ability and Autonomy PDF
Ebrahim Khodadady, Hossein Khodabakhshzade 518-524
Communicative Language Teaching in an EFL Context: Learners' Attitudes and Perceived Implementation PDF
Sahail M. Asassfeh, Faisal M. Khwaileh, Yousef M. Al-Shaboul, Sabri S. Alshboul 525-535
Masked Noncognate Priming across Farsi and English PDF
Zahra Fotovatnia, Ferdos Taleb 536-542
A Study on Compliment Response Strategies by Chinese College Students PDF
Ying Cai 543-549
On the Role of Strategy Use and Strategy Instruction in Listening Comprehension PDF
Amir Hossein Rahimi 550-559
Toward a Cognitive Stylistic Contingency Theory of Translation (English–Arabic–English) PDF
Hasan Said Ghazala 560-570
What do Medical Students Need to Learn in Their English Classes? PDF
Giti Karimkhanlouei 571-577
An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of the Lexical Approach to Improving Writing in SLA PDF
Jingwei Tang 578-583
Sense of Humor and Emotional Intelligence as Predictors of Stress among EFL Teachers PDF
Shahin Vaezi, Nasser Fallah 584-591

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