Vol 5, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Impact of Word Study Intervention on Adult English Learners’ Spelling and Reading PDF
Donita Massengill Shaw 245-252
Gender Representation in Current EFL Textbooks in Iranian Secondary Schools PDF
Mahnaz Hall 253-261
Pronunciation and Comprehension of Oral English in the English as a Foreign Language Class: Key Aspects, Students’ Perceptions and Proposals PDF
Nuria Edo Marzá 262-273
A Literature Review on the Heuristics of Learning Writing, and a Discussion of Academic Rigor and (robo) Grading PDF
James Andrew Freeman 274-282
An Investigation on English Reading Strategy Use in Major-related Materials among Native and Foreign Language Learners PDF
Jianfeng Zheng, Ning Kang 283-290
The Knowledge Base of Primary EFL Teachers – Pre-service and In-service Teachers’ Perceptions PDF
Stella Kourieos 291-300
"The Book of the Grotesque” and Winesburg, Ohio PDF
Lihua Zhang 301-305
Lexical Inferencing: The Relationship between Number and Density of Lexical Items and L2 Learners' Reading Comprehension Achievement PDF
Nastaran Chegeni, Omid Tabatabaei 306-312
College EFL Teachers’ Perspectives on Listening Assessment and Summarization for a Specific Task PDF
Brent G. Walters, Ching-ning Chien 313-322
On the Significance of Learner Strategies in English Reading on Learners’ Language Achievement PDF
Hui He, Caixia Hu, Hua Liu 323-328
The Child-murdering Mother: Dionysian or Apollonian? A Study of Nietzsche’s View on Euripidean Tragedy PDF
Bahee Hadaegh, Parisa Shams 329-334
A Framework for Investigating Foundation Year Students’ Needs in General English in KAU: Needs Analysis Extended to Curriculum Development PDF
Salameh Saleem Mahmoud 335-342
How Chinese Culture Goes to the World through Literary Translation PDF
Yuanzhen Peng 343-347
EFL Teachers’ Attitudes towards Being Supervised in an EFL Context PDF
Ramin Rahmany, Mohammad Taghi Hasani, Kaivan Parhoodeh 348-359
Skill-based Categories: An Alternative of Language Learning Strategy Measurement PDF
Ag. Bambang Setiyadi 360-370
A Gender Perspective of Translation: Taking Three Chinese Versions of The Purple Color as an Example PDF
Lihua Yang 371-375
Application of Computer and Technology in EFL Syllabus Design PDF
Isar Gholaminia Tabari, Azadeh Gholaminia Tabari 376-381
The Basque Bilingual Education System: A Model for a Kurdish Bilingual Education System in Turkey PDF
Burhan Ozfidan 382-390
Study on Developing Chinese College EFL Learners’ Pragmatic Competence in Relation to Language Proficiency and Overseas Experience PDF
Zhen Hu 391-398
The Efficacy of Delineating L2 Sources of Grammatical Errors with Reference to the Students’ L1 for Increasing Iranian EFL Learner’s Production and Recognition Accuracy PDF
Mohammad Reza Hasannejad, Seyed Mahdi Araghi, Mehdi Mirzaei 399-405
A Critical Examination of Motivation in the Omani English Language Education System PDF
Ali S.M. Al-Issa 406-418
A Study via Interviews of the Chinese Bouyei College Learners’ EFL Classroom Anxiety Arousals PDF
Jianhua Wei 419-428
Item Preview, Proficiency Level and Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategy Use in Multiple-choice Reading Comprehension Items PDF
Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi, Saba Vafakhah 429-436
Common Attributes of Outstanding College EFL Teachers’ Teaching PDF
Ching-ning Chien 437-445
The Study of English and Chinese Numerical Idioms and Their Translation PDF
Yuan Kong 446-451
Teachers' Individual Practical Knowledge about Teaching Reading Comprehension PDF
Ramin Rahmany, Mohammad Taghi Hassani, Hamid Fattahi 452-459
A Short Analysis of Discourse Coherence PDF
Yuan Wang, Minghe Guo 460-465
The Contract Motif in Western Literature and Identity Crisis PDF
Wensheng Deng 466-470
The Process of Developing an Academic Reading Test and Evaluating Its Authenticity PDF
Shahzad Karim, Naushaba Haq 471-475

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