Vol 5, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Scaffolding a Presentation: Comments from Spanish and German PDF
Paul Nissler 723-730
Promoting Pre-service Second Language (L2) Teacher Learning via Narrative: A Sociocultural Perspective PDF
Ekaterina Arshavskaya, Anne Elrod Whitney 731-741
Production of English Syllable Final /l/ by Mandarin Chinese Speakers PDF
Yunjuan He 742-750
Teaching and Learning Ojibwe as a Second Language: Considerations for a Sustainable Future PDF
Brian D. McInnes 751-758
Reflective Teaching and Language Teacher Education Programmes: A Milestone in Yemen and Saudi Arabia PDF
Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal, Salmeen Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Awaid 759-768
Investigation on the Professional Identity of Senior High School English Teachers PDF
Xin Wang 769-774
Turkish Teachers’ Practices of Assessment for Learning in the English as a Foreign Language Classroom PDF
Hüseyin Öz 775-785
The Study of the Chinese People’s Inductive Inclination in Communication PDF
Xianqing Liu, Jinyan Fan 786-790
On the Use of Modern Technological Technique for the Teaching of Anaang/Ibibio Tones PDF
Itoro A. Michael 791-800
A Review of Role Shifts among China’s Secondary School EFL Teachers from a Social-constructivist Perspective PDF
Xiongyong Cheng 801-809
Investigating the Effect of Consciousness-raising Techniques on Learning the English Tense System by EFL Students PDF
Amir H. Abdalla 810-818
A Study on Offering Chinese Culture Course for Non-English Major Students in China PDF
Hang Zou 819-824
A Study on ELT High School Teachers’ Practices to Foster Learner Autonomy PDF
Mehmet Fatih Ürün, Cennet Engin Demir, Hanife Akar 825-836
Investigating Chinese College Learners’ Use of Frequency Adverbs: A Corpus-based Approach PDF
Guobing Liu 837-843
Using Self-regulation to Enhance EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension PDF
Parviz Maftoon, Mahshad Tasnimi 844-855
An Empirical Study of Applying E-mail Exchange to College English Learners’ Writing PDF
Jiaxin Xing 856-864
A Comparison of Perceived Use of the Metacognitive Reading Strategies by Iranian Master of Science Students for Hypertext and Printed Academic Materials PDF
Sayyed Ali Ostovar-Namaghi, Ali Ekrami Noghabi 865-872
Chinese-English Translation Strategies of Public Signs Based on Functional Equivalence Theory PDF
Xuedong Shi 873-877
The Effect of Focused Meta-linguistic Written Corrective Feedback on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Essay Writing Ability PDF
Elahe Ebadi 878-883
Cohesion of EFL Teaching at Chinese High Schools and Universities PDF
Yuxiu Yu 884-890
Normalization of CALL and TPACK: Discovering Teachers' Opportunities and Challenges PDF
Ramin Rahmany, Bahador Sadeghi, Ali Serdivand Chegini 891-900
Subtitle Translation of Foreign Movies and TV Series under Skopos Theory PDF
Liangqiu Lv, Hongye Zhu, Puyu Ning 901-905
Overt-correction vs. Recasts and Grammar Performance of Iranian Male Learners of English PDF
Seyyed Reza Mousavi Moghaddam, Fatemeh Behjat 906-917
The Concept of Love in Shakespeare’s Sonnets PDF
Fenghua Ma 918-923
EAP Needs Analysis in Iran: The Case of University Students in Chemistry Department PDF
Fatemeh Rostami, Amir Mahdavi Zafarghandi 924-934
An Empirical Study on Chinese EFL Learners’ Processing of English Animal Idioms PDF
Xiaoli Gan 935-941
Towards the Critical Discourse Analysis of Imam Khomeini's Will: Determining Ideological Discourse toward EFL Learning PDF
Bahador Sadeghi, Mohammad Taghi Hassani, Rasem Ghorbani 942-947
Transforming EFL Classes from Lecturing to Cooperative Learning PDF
Haiyan Han 948-952
The Impact of Task-based Approach on Iranian EFL Learners’ Motivation in Writing Research Abstracts PDF
Masoud Khalili Sabet, Abdorreza Tahriri, Eshrat Bazarmaj Haghi 953-962
A Study of the Teacher’s Interactive Decision Making in English Classes of Primary Schools PDF
Sha Zhu 963-970

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