Vol 5, No 5 (2014)

Table of Contents


Communicative Language Testing: Implications for Computer Based Language Testing in French for Specific Purposes PDF
Jesús García Laborda, Mercedes López Santiago, Nuria Otero de Juan, Alfredo Álvarez Álvarez 971-975
Future Language Teachers as Experts in the Subject: Developing Cultural Content Knowledge in Teacher Education PDF
Mathea Simons 976-984
Analysis of EFL Teaching Methods for Taiwan University Students PDF
Ching-ning Chien 985-993
Independent Study Logs: Guiding and Encouraging Students in the Process of Language Learning PDF
Mary Frances Litzler 994-998
Teaching English to Saudi Police Cadets: An Evaluation Study PDF
Mohammedi Nasser Alhuqban 999-1008
Reading Strategies Employed by Business English Majors with Different Levels of Exposure to Specialized Courses PDF
Jun Chen, Channarong t Intarapraser 1009-1018
Identifying Correlation between Reading Strategies Instruction and L2 Text Comprehension PDF
Sumaira Qanwal, Shahzad Karim 1019-1032
Learning Devices Development on Descriptive Writing for Foreign Language Based on Berlo’s SMCR Communication Model of Secondary School Student PDF
Syukur Saud, A. Jufri, Muhammad Asfah Rahman, Salam Salam 1033-1041
Enhancing Listening Performance through Schema Construction Activities PDF
Luu Hoang Mai, Luu Thi Bich Ngoc, Vo Thanh Thao 1042-1051
The Portrayal of Multiple Intelligence Theory in English Teaching Strategy for Indonesian Secondary School PDF
St Raden Kartiah, Muhammad Asfah Rahman, Andi Qashas Rahman, Baso Jabu 1052-1061
From Communicative Competence to Interactional Competence: A New Outlook to the Teaching of Spoken English PDF
Dongyun Sun 1062-1070
A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Social Stratification and Linguistic Variation among the Kashmiri Speech Community PDF
Nisar Ahmad Koka 1071-1084
L2 Reading Comprehension: Exclusively L2 Competence or Different Competences? PDF
Siping Liu 1085-1091
Educational Value and Character in Pappaseng Bugis (Buginese Message) PDF
Syamsudduha Syamsudduha, Kamaruddin Kamaruddin, Hawang Hanafi, Muhammad Rapi Tang 1092-1102
On the Classification of Subtitling PDF
Dayan Liu 1103-1109
The Effect of the Keyword Method and Word-list Method Instruction on ESP Vocabulary Learning PDF
Ana Piribabadi, Ramin Rahmany 1110-1115
Chinese-characterized Terms Translation on the Functional Equivalence Theory PDF
Xuedong Shi 1116-1120
An Investigation into Perfectionism as a Moderator of the Links between Language Learning Styles and Strategies PDF
Mansoor Fahim, Rezvan Noormohammadi 1121-1131
Challenges of Adults in Learning English as a Second Language: Focus on Adult Education in China PDF
Ruijuan Wu, Ruiting Wu, Van Tai Le 1132-1138
The Effect of Using Gesture on Resolving Lexical Ambiguity in L2 PDF
Mitra Khalili, Ramin Rahmany, Abbas Ali Zarei 1139-1146
Does Metacognitive Strategy Instruction Indeed Improve Chinese EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Performance and Metacognitive Awareness? PDF
Lixia Pei 1147-1152
A Comparative Study of Teacher Education in Iran and the UK PDF
Hossein Jamshidi Avanaki, Bahador Sadeghi 1153-1159
From Conflicts to Integration: An Empirical Study on Chinese EFL Learners’ Construction of Bilingual Identities PDF
Fen Xue, Baijing Han 1160-1166
The Relationship between EFL Learners’ Metacognitive Strategies, and Their Critical Thinking PDF
Bahador Sadeghi, Mohammad Taghi Hassani, Masoumeh Rahmatkhah 1167-1175
College English Test: To Be Abolished or To Be Polished PDF
Fei Ma 1176-1184
The Effect of Syntactic Simplicity and Complexity on the Readability of the Text PDF
Hedayat Eslami 1185-1191
A Comparative Study of Word Frequency and Text Coverage between English and Chinese for College English Vocabulary Acquisition PDF
Jianping Luo 1192-1197
The Role of Teacher's Self-efficacy as a Predictor of Iranian EFL Teacher's Burnout PDF
Mona Tabatabaee Yazdi, Khalil Motallebzadeh, Hamid Ashraf 1198-1204
The Application of Body Language in English Teaching PDF
Yuanyuan Tai 1205-1209
Perspectives and Achievement of EFL Students in Teaching Culture via Two Modes: Books vs. Books plus Films PDF
Robab Khosravi, Mehdi Moharami, Giti Karimkhanlouei 1210-1217

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