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Journal of Language Teaching and Research

Vol 5, No 6 (2014)

Table of Contents


Taiwanese Graduate Students’ Voices on Language Anxiety over Writing Academic Papers PDF
Yi-Wen Huang 1219-1228
Children Learning a Non-native Vowel – The Effect of a Two-day Production Training PDF
Laura Taimi, Katri Jähi, Paavo Alku, Maija S. Peltola 1229-1235
Inquiry-based Teaching in Second and Foreign Language Pedagogy PDF
Horng-Yi Lee 1236-1244
Promoting Communicative Competence within EFL Contexts: A UAE Case Study PDF
Suhair Eyad Al Alami 1245-1255
Types and Attributes of English Writing Errors in the EFL Context—A Study of Error Analysis PDF
Hsiao-ping Wu, Esther V. Garza 1256-1262
CLT and ELT in Bangladesh: Practice and Prospect of Speaking and Listening PDF
Marzia Shurovi 1263-1268
Correlation between the Tutor Competency Aspects and the Results of the Students’ Basic Writing Skills at Open University Makassar PDF
M. Arifin Zaidin, Achmad Tolla, Muhammad Sidin Ali, Akmal Hamsa 1269-1274
Reflective Thinking on EFL Classroom Discourse PDF
Hongmei Zhu 1275-1282
An Inquiry into Students’ Application of Metacognitive Strategies in Reading Technical Materials PDF
Vo Thanh Thao, Luu Hoang Mai, Luu Thi Bich Ngoc 1283-1291
Cultural Metaphor and Translation Strategies in English and Chinese Animal Idioms PDF
Huiqiong Duan, Wei wei Cui, Yi dan Gao 1292-1300
Detecting and Correcting Unmotivated Tense Shifts by EFL English-major Jordanian Undergraduates PDF
Maisoun I. Abu-Joudeh, Sahail M. Asassfeh, Yousef M. Al-Shaboul, Halla A. Shureteh 1301-1307
An Investigation of Formulaic Sequences in Multi-modal Chinese College English Textbooks PDF
Haiyan Miao 1308-1314
The Effectiveness of Stimulus to the Language Acquisition of Early Age Child PDF
Nuraini Kasman, Syahruddin Kaseng, St. Hawang Hanafie, Kembong Daeng 1315-1321
Moving forward to Communicative Proficiency: A Comparison between CET-4 Listening Comprehension Tests and IELTS Listening Subtest PDF
Qinglan Yu, Yushan Zhao 1322-1327
The Color Purple and Women's Time PDF
Kamelia Talebian Sedehi, Rosli Talif, Wan Roselezam Wan Yahya, Hardev Kaur 1328-1333
Translating Intangible Cultural Heritage in an Ethnolinguistic Community: A Case Study of the Site of Xanadu in Inner Mongolia PDF
Jin yu Liu 1334-1339
The Impact of Immediate and Delayed Written Pushed Output Produced by Pre-intermediate EFL Learners in Iran on Their Acquisition of English Verb Tenses PDF
Parviz Birjandi, Homa Jafarpour Mamaghani 1340-1347
Gender Differences in the Undergraduates’ Attitudes towards EFL PDF
Daoshan Ma 1348-1352
Construct Validity of C-tests: A Factorial Approach PDF
Ebrahim Khodadady 1353-1362
Women’s Reconciliation with the Real World in The Good Apprentice PDF
Ming ying Xu, Gui ren Shi 1363-1367
The Effect of Concept Mapping on Iranian Pre-intermediate L2 Reading Comprehension PDF
Omid Tabatabaei, Soghra Khalili 1368-1380
The Study of Non-verbal Allusion Translation in Film Subtitle: Based on Relevance Theory PDF
Juan Liu, Hui juan Jia 1381-1386
The Effect of Explicit Teaching of Listening Strategies and Gender on EFL Learners' IELTS Performance PDF
Morteza Bagheri, Samaneh Karami 1387-1392
Rethinking the Way Out for College English Teaching—After China’s Reform in National College Entrance Exam in English PDF
Liu Peng, Xian jun Tan, Fang Xie 1393-1398
A Study of the Sayed Ashraf-Al-Din Gilani (Nasim-e-Shomal) Poems in the Light of Frankfurt School and Constitutional (Mashrooteh) Movement PDF
Hamid Khanian 1399-1405
A Study on Designing and Evaluating Multimedia Courseware in EST Teaching PDF
Ji feng Cao 1406-1411
A Review of the Studies on the Frequent Administrations of English Tests PDF
Mostafa Hosseyni Ramshe 1412-1416
The Necessity of Comparative Ellipsis—Refuting Lechner’s Claim “Comparative Ellipsis Can Be Dispensed with” PDF
Xiao wen Zhang 1417-1423
The Learner's Side of Foreign Language Learning: Predicting Language Learning Strategies from Language Learning Styles among Iranian Medical Students PDF
Mansoor Fahim, Rezvan Noormohammadi 1424-1434

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