Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence, Vol 2, No 4 (2010), 343-353, Nov 2010

Integrating Positional and Slotted Knowledge on the Semantic Web

Harold Boley


POSL is a Semantic Web language for knowledge interchange, reconciling Horn logic’s positional and F-logic’s slotted formulas for representing facts and rules on the Web, optionally referring to RDFS or OWL classes for order-sorted typing. The POSL semantics directly enhances Herbrand models for n-ary relations by accommodating slotted clause instantiation and ground equality, further restricted through signatures and types. Webizing uses IRIs in the IETF form of N3 for individuals, relations, slots, and types. Webized atoms further permit the representation of F-logic objects and RDF descriptions as anchored slotted facts enhanced by rules. All POSL notions are exemplified using an e-Business use case in logistics. The online translator from POSL to OO RuleML and POSL engine OO jDREW have enabled Semantic Web applications in business information integration, touristic planning, and distributed expert/symposium/wellness profile querying.


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