Vol 3, No 5 (2008)

Table of Contents


A Bluetooth-based Sensor Node for Low-Power Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Jens Eliasson, Per Lindgren, Jerker Delsing 1-10
Fine Classification & Recognition of Hand Written Devnagari Characters with Regular Expressions & Minimum Edit Distance Method PDF
P. S. Deshpande, Latesh Malik, Sandhya Arora 11-17
Fuzzy Logic Bandwidth Prediction and Policing in a DiffServ-Aware Network PDF
Norashidah Md Din, Norsheila Fisal 18-23
Shape Recognition by Clustering and Matching of Skeletons PDF
Hamidreza Zaboli, Mohammad Rahmati, Abdolreza Mirzaei 24-33
Low Power SRAM with Boost Driver Generating Pulsed Word Line Voltage for Sub-1V Operation PDF
Masaaki Iijima, Kayoko Seto, Masahiro Numa, Akira Tada, Takashi Ipposhi 34-40
Analysis of Block Oxide Height Variations for a 40nm Gate Length bFDSOI-FET PDF
Jyi-Tsong Lin, Yi-Chuen Eng 41-45
VLSI Architecture of a Cellular Automata based One-Way Function PDF
D. Mukhopadhyay, P. Joshi, D. RoyChowdhury 46-53
High Throughput VLSI Architecture for Blackman Windowing in Real Time Spectral Analysis PDF
Kailash Chandra Ray, A. S. Dhar 54-59
Comparative Analysis of Resource Discovery Approaches in Grid Computing PDF
Anju Sharma, Seema Bawa 60-64

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