Journal of Computers, Vol 7, No 1 (2012), 11-18, Jan 2012

Leveraging 1-hop Neighborhood Knowledge for Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Sensor Networks

Wenyong Wang, Jun Zhang, Yong Tang, Yu Xiang, Ting Yang


To improve the efficiency of routing and broadcast and reducing energy consumption in the process of data transmission, calculating minimum connected dominating set is always used to construct virtual backbone network in wireless sensor networks. Calculating the minimum connected dominating set (MCDS)  of plane graphs is a NP-complete problem. In this paper, an algorithm leveraging 1-hop neighborhood knowledge for connected dominating set  is proposed. First, the minimum forwarding set is calculated severally by each node in the entire network. Then any one node can start the process of broadcasting messages including the information of minimum forwarding set in the network. Finally, the connected dominating set of the entire network is achieved by exchanging information. The proposed algorithm aims to get  a small connected dominating set, meanwhile, to minimize the consumption of energy and time. The simulation results  show that the algorithm has achieved its purpose with fast convergence, low transmission traffic and reasonable size of connected dominating set.


Wireless Sensor Networks, 1-hop, Communi- cation Coverage, Connected Dominating Set


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