Vol 3, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

SPECIAL SECTION on IT for Education

Metaphorical Interpretation of eLearning in Higher Education Institutions PDF
Allah Nawaz 1-9
iiOSProTrain: An Interactive Intelligent Online System for Programming Training PDF
Tho Thanh Quan, Phung H Nguyen, Thang H Bui, Thuan Dinh Le, An Nhu Nguyen, Duc L.N. Hoang, Vu Huu Nguyen, Binh Thien Nguyen 10-20
Research on Learning Effect based on Outer P- set PDF
Xiu-qing Yu 21-23
Design and Realization of Virtual Classroom PDF
Rong Zhu, Yong Wang 24-28
Activity Recognition in Ubiquitous Learning Environment PDF
Tao Lu, Shaokun Zhang, Qian Hao 29-35


A Hybrid Revisit Policy For Web Search PDF
Vipul Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, Renu Vig 36-47
Multivariable control of nonlinear process using soft computing techniques PDF
N. Kamala, T. Thyagarajan, S. Renganathan 48-56
PSO tuned Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Controller for Vehicle Suspension Systems PDF
Rajeswari Kothandaraman, Lakshmi Ponnusamy 57-63
A Prognostics Framework for Health Degradation and Air Pollution Concentrations PDF
Bernard Fong, G. Y. Hong 64-68
Discovery of Scalable Association Rules from Large Set of Multidimensional Quantitative Datasets PDF
Tamanna Siddiqui, M Afshar Aalam, Sapna Jain 69-76

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