Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Vol 3, No 1 (2012), 24-28, Feb 2012

Design and Realization of Virtual Classroom

Rong Zhu, Yong Wang


Virtual Reality (VR) simulations are excellent tools for training, education, simulation of abnormal and dangerous conditions in mines and solving complex problems. This paper introduces some technology about using VRML to construct 3D virtual scene and its interactive roaming by Virtual classroom environment’s researching and practice. This paper introduces the virtual classroom development process, and elaborates the key technologies of virtual classroom’s geometry modeling´╝îtexture mapping, interactive behavior design and so on, and discusses how to reduce the VRML file, and how to improve the rendering speed of VRML file in order to optimize system performance to construct a lifelike Virtual classroom.


VRML; Three-dimensional modeling;


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